Immediate Threats

The Challenge
To know how your cyber-defenses stack up against new threats and malware variants that emerge daily in the wild. To know if they exploit vulnerabilities that exist in your infrastructure and if compensating controls provide effective protection until they can be patched. It is nearly impossible for a CISO to know for sure at any given moment that their organization is safe.

The Solution
Cymulate automates threat intelligence led testing with the Immediate Threats Intelligence module is updated daily with new threat assessments. These are launched safely, in your production environment to validate your defenses and answer the question; are we effectively protected against the latest threats found in the wild. The module will also tell you which vulnerabilities are exploited by the threat and which machines are exploitable (through integration with vulnerability management systems). And finally, it will provide you remediation guidance to close security gaps created by the new threat. Configure the module to run automatically and make it simple to answer the question; are we protected?

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Security Controls Validation

The Challenge
On average, organization has 30-40 controls which make it difficult to track any network or security control changes and system updates happen frequently  And when they do, your current security posture is changing.

The Solution
Cymulate can be used on-demand to easily test and validate your company’s security posture after any sort of change, be it a software update, a policy change or newly-deployed technology. In addition, baseline score can be set to compare between previous results and get alerts when score changes.

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Security Posture Management

The Challenge
Can your people, processes and technology provide you the answer the following: How safe is your organization from Ransomware right now?  Have business drivers, like working from home, exceeded your company’s risk tolerance? And how susceptible are you to the tactics and techniques of different APT groups? It is estimated that Information security spending is expected to reach $123.8 billion in 2020, however it does not guarantee that CISOs will sleep better at night.

The Solution
With the broadest coverage in the industry, Cymulate Continuous Security Validation operationalizes the myriad of tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers across the MITRE ATT&CK framework. It enables you to automate security assurance programs and assess the following aspects of your company’s security posture; security control efficacy, threat intelligence led testing, incident detection and response capabilities, employee security awareness, policy enforcement assurance, infrastructure resilience to lateral movement, patching prioritization (through integration with vulnerability management systems) and outside-in reconnaissance to manage the external attack surface. The Cymulate platform automates security assurance programs to uncover, prioritize and remediate weaknesses.

Cymulate assessments and results are mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework to uncover systematic weaknesses or to focus on a company’s resilience to specific APT groups. Cymulate applies a consistent scoring methodology across the different types of assessments to baseline performance and identify security drift.

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Product Evaluation

The Challenge
You have decided that you need to either replace or augment your current security stack with new technology. There are many alternative offerings and sifting through 3rd party reports and data sheets is not helping. You want to evaluate the alternative offerings quickly, comprehensively and in a consistent manner to choose the best solution for your use cases and requirements. Additionally, you probably have to build a business case for budget approval and demonstrate positive ROI.

The Solution
By using Cymulate security validation you can subject different vendor offerings to the same broad spectrum of attacks and evaluate their efficacy. You can use out-of-the-box assessments in addition to crafting assessments that validate specific use cases. Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework as a reference Cymulate will provide comparable detailed results. Cymulate also provides a risk score of the aggregate results based on standards-based frameworks, including NIST risk assessment (Special Publication 800-30), CVSS v3 and DREAD. These quantified metrics enable you to build a transparent business case and expected ROI. Now you can run a technical evaluation quickly, comprehensively and in a consistent manner to select the best fit for your organization.

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Validation for Remote Working

The Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic led to broad geographic shutdowns, quadrupling the overall number of people working from home, with some companies shutting offices for 100% of their workforce. This introduced significant changes in many company’s IT and cybersecurity architectures and security policies, modified to accommodate remote workers. Many organizations have realized that working from home improves productivity and consider supporting it long term. But how can a security team validate the effectiveness of WFH security controls.

The Solution
Continuous security validation enables organizations to emulate a remote worker’s endpoint and validate the effectiveness of its defenses, including cloud-based and endpoint security controls. By fully operationalizing the MITRE ATT&CK framework Cymulate enables you to test your incident response procedures related to a compromised or infected remote endpoint. You also gain visibility on the real risk of a compromised endpoint, integrations with vulnerability management systems provide attack context to prioritize remediation efforts and by performing automated lateral movement from a remote endpoint, you will discover the potential impact it can cause.

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Purple Team Automation

The Challenge
Red team and Purple team exercises are valuable for companies to assess their breach detection and incident response capabilities, in addition to identifying security gaps in their infrastructure. Unfortunately, not every company can afford to recruit a red team in-house or engage an external red-team frequently.

The Solution
The Cymulate Purple Team module enables blue teams to craft and launch attack flows to assess their breach detection and incident response capabilities. The platform makes Purple team exercises accessible and achievable to security teams with minimal adversarial skills by leveraging out-of-the-box attack scenarios. Companies that have an in-house red team or pen tester resources can scale the expertise of these individuals by leveraging the customizability and automation that Cymulate provides, without limiting their creativity.

Using the MITRE ATT&CK framework as reference Cymulate provides granular results, identifying the specific techniques that went undetected. Out of the box scenarios and templates provide security teams the ability to emulate the full attack flows of APT groups, launch a broad spectrum of attacks on an individual attack vector and craft scenarios to help pinpoint areas that require improvement.

Security Assurance Automation

The Challenge
In addition to security control optimization, threat hunting and incident management security teams are also tasked with mundane activities that include health checks and policy enforcement validation and updating security controls to protect against newfound threats. These are typically manual or based on home-grown scripts that can be automated, and through automation extended to include more procedures. These are necessary given the dynamic nature of IT, frequent changes in the security architecture and to verify that maintenance activity, such as SW updates or configuration changes have not impaired security functionality.

The Solution
Cymulate enables security teams to automate many of the tasks associated with frequent, typically daily activities that provide ongoing assurance that their security architecture and policy enforcement points are functioning correctly. For example, to verify cloud-based security functionality and SSL inspection, to validate network segregation policies for example between a WiFi guest network to an internal network and to confirm DLP controls are protecting regulatory controlled data.

3rd Party Supply Chain Posture

The Challenge
In an ideal world, you would know if your business partners represent a genuine risk to your systems and data. Unfortunately, most companies still rely on questionnaires filled in by their partners to verify that they are taking adequate measures to protect themselves and your organization.

The Solution
Companies can counter 3rd party supply chain risk in two ways. They can have them run a full kill-chain security validation assessment on their infrastructure, including non-intrusive, outside-in reconnaissance and ensure they are providing an acceptable assessment score. They can also check their own organization’s defenses across business touchpoints, and externally accessible digital assets to ensure they are resilient enough to keep 3rd party threats out.

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Security Stance Following M&As

The Challenge
Conducting cyber security due diligence prior to a merger or acquisition has become central to potential transactions, as demonstrated by the now infamous Yahoo breach, which was only disclosed in the lead up to Yahoo’s acquisition by Verizon. So how can acquiring companies measure the cyber resilience of their potential acquisitions?

The Solution
Companies can perform rapid and consistent risk assessments for the purpose of cyber security due diligence by performing a full kill-chain security validation assessment on the M&A target infrastructure, including non-intrusive, outside-in reconnaissance. In this way pre- and post-M&A, security gaps can be immediately exposed, and subsequently remediated by following mitigation guidelines.

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Compliance Enablement

The Challenge
Organizations are required to be compliant with industry-wide privacy policies and information security regulations. Not doing so results in heavy fines, potential lawsuits, and brand damage that is difficult to repair.

The Solution
Cymulate lets organizations comply with GDPR, PCI, HIPPA and all other federal or industry regulations that require regular testing of security controls. By proactively assessing their resilience to cyber attacks and breaches, companies can meet compliance mandates while becoming less dependent on manual testing methods.

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